A few of our successful projects for customers that are happy to come back.

In the selection of projects below we provided our clients with simple solutions to optimize their efficiency.

  • One of the largest retail banks in the Czech Republic, part of the Erste bank group

    Česká Spořitelna

    Situation description

    Česká Spořitelna is a bank with 10,000+ employees, that decided to implement the Cognos Business Intelligence system. As every bank, it is concerned about security. Thus, reports are now secured on a 'need to know' basis. Which means: “Every user sees only his/her reports and his/her data. Nothing more.


    A system that generates access permissions based on information about employee position and organization. The data is taken from SAP.

  • The second largest bank in Germany


    Situation description

    Application software upgrade in a complex environment. The application upgrade itself took 3 days. In addition, there was at least one day needed to upgrade the infrastructure. It was necessary to perform the upgrade within 48 hours.


    Preparation of the infrastructure to be able to switch fast.

    Creation of an in-memory database server.

    Optimization of the application upgrade procedure.

  • A server focused on information for small investors


    Situation description

    Customer needed a working prototype for his idea of information gathering for small investors.


    PA complete prototype created in Ruby on Rails. The prototype included information gathering, stock ticker detection, storage and a sophisticated algorithm to display the most relevant information.